(The title should really read “While He Sleeps AT LAST”: sleep has not been his priority over the past week…)

Readying some journal pages with the help of a little four year old fairy… I glued two pages together to make sure the paper would withstand the inevitable messy visual expression!!!

Paintings for me and paintings for new babies…
Small Fairies spend their day drawing and writing in this house… these fantastic wipe-clean cards are from Usborne Books and have been an ongoing hit since they arrived last Christmas

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I find the whole "website building" very satisfying. Normally. Usually. When it "flows" as it should and doesn't bomb, stall and log out on me... And when the baby doesn't wake. All of which have happened tonight. I am trying to upload more items into my shop (check out the hearts!!) and it is s-l-o-w.
Even slower now that I am one-handed with nursing baby draped across me...

But bit by bit I have to try and remember. 

And take deep breaths. And to not chew my lip to pieces. And not bite baby toes that wander up to stroke my cheek (he's like an acrobat)

I'm getting there. Bit by bit...

New labels, yay! I am so super-pleased with them. I ordered them from jjcash.co.uk; they were not expensive and arrived within the week!
Some work ready for the printers... at last
Working on new Affirmation Paintings today while he little man slept... I was hoping to upload some more bits'n'bobs to my wee shop, but the time has escaped me. Again. Tomorrow, hopefully!
It has only taken me... what, a month?- to update this blog; not that my other blog has seen much lovin' either... I have been concentrating on painting and working on new and delicious beautiful products for my wee shop! Things move slowly here in Heart-and-Angel-Land...

Here are some photos of work in progress:

Inspiration has been found in the verdant, abundant hedgerows and garden:

I am sending lots of paintings to print this coming week, so look forward to a lovely selection of cards and prints very soon :-)

At last



At last I am here; this has been a long time floating in the ether. Many synchronicities led to this moment: a week ago the details were very blurry in MY head, ha ha :-) And then, all of a sudden, I was inspired from all angles (I wrote "angels" first, so let me clarify: angles and angels):

~I bought Leonie Dawsons Goddess Circle program (took my time in reading it thanks to small people needing my undivided attention, as they do); but through the excellent advice, endless optimism was slowly formulating my ideas and thoughts, making concrete my dreams and hopes and aspirations... gave me the good kick I needed, right now...

~I found my Louise L Hay book, "You Can Heal Your Life" woo hoo! Constant joy and inspiration!

~A friend sent me a card from the US; this card was made by the company PeaceOfPaper.com: this was what I had been thinking of, and here was a solid example of it working. Really well. 

~ I re-read the story behind "Return of the Great Goddess" by Burleigh Muten, and found my inspiration there too

~drawing, paintings, art-dolls of angels I've been making for... well, forever, really, started to appear in front of me, everywhere, as my ideas began to take shape

~I eventually spoke with a friend of mine I had been meaning to phone for ages. We had a looooonnng chat, and mid-way through, while telling me about some healing equipment he had bought, he said "but I knew the seller was alright, his card arrived with a heart and an angel on the back, and, y'know, when you see that, you know that's a sign everything will be okay" That line stuck strong with me, and the next morning I woke with the name "heart and angel" in my head. It was perfect.

~I began looking at registering the name as a .com, a blogspot, in Etsy... and everything fell into place easily, and without bother. My brother registered the name, I started on this website and blog, and one day later, I'm away!!!!

So many ideas, so many dreams. As I sit typing this with a baby nursing, I know it may be slow... but have patience with me, as I have patience with myself... thank you for reading, for being here, and please do say hello!

Emily xx



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